Our new book is out. At or on Amazon. What makes life better? The realization that our victories are found inside our failures once we have the clarity achieved beyond society's hype. What we want out of life is to cope with our challenges, missteps, and failures without losing our minds.

By now, we realize that life is an obstacle course, and material success and security can be fleeting. We don't want participation trophies. What fun is that? We want to be able to master life's many imperfections, like mere bumps in the road. My endless hours of stressful training honed my perspective and taught me to trust my process and myself, regardless of the odds or circumstances. To be present "in the moment" and resilient in the face of adversity. Strategies aren't about taking control of life; they're about creating power to navigate life's uncertainties when no one has absolute control. In the madness and the chaos of our worst days, we can write a symphony.

But life will not slow down to accommodate us. To adapt to the never-ending cycles of change, we must be relentless in our long-term deep thinking and dynamic in our strategy creation and training while being connoisseurs of small incremental improvements. Our ars victoris, or art of the victor, is the creation of the power to forge effective strategies. It is the art of getting what we want from what we have by acting on the future in the present.

Everyone should have a strategy or a game plan. Formulating a strategy causes us to think about our actions in advance, in the light of our goals and capabilities. Having a fully articulated strategy implies lifting our gaze beyond the short-term and the trivial, focusing on the long-term and the essential. It means addressing root causes rather than just treating symptoms and having the perspective to see the big picture instead of getting lost in the details. A good strategy earns us the right to survive and thrive in life's biggest storms. Come along for the ride as I cope with the slings and arrows of my uncertain choices.